The Benefits of Custom Bookshelves

The Benefits of Custom Bookshelves

Custom bookshelves are a versatile, multi-functional feature in a room design. We can custom design bookcases for any room or empty wall space in your home. We customize so that you can personalize your home décor.

Custom Bookshelves in the Living Room

The living room is an ideal place to incorporate custom book shelves into the design. There are many bookcase design options. You might want to use floor to ceiling bookcases to frame your sofa. Having custom bookshelves placed in between each window in the living room will give you a lot of display and storage space. Including a window seat at each window will give you an ideal reading area or a perfect place to gaze out of the window and observe nature or simply daydream. If you have an area in your living room, possibly a quirky corner or a narrow wall space, that you don’t know how to decorate or utilize, a custom bookcase can transform that space into an attractive, purposeful area. A custom bookcase can be designed with curves and arches that will make it is an impressive architectural feature in the room. The way you choose to display your books can become a design element in the room. Books can be displayed according to the color of their spine or by size. A beautifully bound collection of literary classics can add sophistication to your décor. Books can be placed on the shelves without regard to shape, size, color or any other identifying trait and still be an attractive part of the room décor. You can display items other than books on the shelves. Photos, sculptures, plants and decorative accessories can be put on display. These items help personalize your décor. You can exchange the items displayed on a bookshelf quickly and easily to create seasonal displays or to update your accessories to coincide with the latest trend.

Custom Bookshelves in the Kitchen

Don’t overlook the idea of adding bookshelves to your kitchen design. Your bookcase design can be complementary to the style of kitchen cabinets you’ve selected. A small bookcase in the kitchen would be a convenient place to display cookbooks. A bookcase can be added to the end of a cabinet area or included in a custom kitchen island design. Books and kitchen related items can be displayed there. A bookcase in the kitchen gives you additional storage space that you can use in any way that you wish. If you have a dining nook in your kitchen, a small bookcase would be a convenient and attractive addition to that area.

Bookshelves in the Nursery

Adding a custom bookcase to a nursery design gives you a considerable amount of extra storage and display space. Bookcases are great in a nursery design because they can remain a key feature of the room décor as your baby matures. Young children can use the bookcase as a place to keep their favorite books and as a place to display special toys. A bookcase remains a useful part of the décor when your baby becomes a teenager. Teenagers can always use some extra storage space for the books, magazines, music and the myriad of technological devices they have. They’re also an ideal place for teens to display trophies, ribbons, awards, pictures and mementos.

When you decide to include custom bookshelves in one or more rooms of your home, you can make them as personally accommodating as you wish. You can choose the architectural appearance of the bookcase. You can also request that the shelves be a certain height or depth. With a custom bookshelf, the shelves don’t have to be symmetrical. They can come together in any visually interesting manner that you desire. Lighting can be added to a custom bookshelf to illuminate the items you have displayed there. There’s no excuse for having unused wall space in any room of your home. Adding bookshelves can transform wasted space into an attractive, functional area of the room.

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