Personalizing a Child’s Bedroom

Child’s Bedroom – Custom Beds, Closets

There are some unique challenges involved when designing a child’s bedroom. It’s an area that you want to look cohesive with the décor in other areas of your home, yet it needs to be a fun, comfortable retreat for your child. Custom furniture can help you achieve a balance between fun and function, organized and comfortable and child-friendly and adult-approved.

Custom Beds

When contemplating a bed design, you may want to consult with professional designers whose creativity and experience can help you find the bed design that will meet your current needs and future needs as your child matures. Keeping the design simple and sophisticated will make it a timeless feature in the room. Bunk beds and loft beds are a space saving option. Their design can include some unique storage areas. When you are designing a custom made bed for a child’s bedroom, you can gain some extra storage and organizational space by including a custom design storage headboard and bedside shelving unit. Built-in drawers under the bed are also a good way to gain more storage space.

Specialty Custom Furniture

You can design a child’s room so that it is a fun and functional space for children of all ages. Young children need a designated play area that includes features such as a cozy rug to play on, toys, a large floor pillow and whatever items are conducive to their personality and habits. A custom toy chest is essential in a young child’s bedroom. A small table and chair set might appeal to some young children. It’s never too early to help children develop the habit of keeping their bedroom clutter-free. Organization skills will help them throughout life at school, on the job and at home. As your child gets older, their play area can be transformed into a study area with a custom desk and bookcases.

Custom Closets

Custom closets are not a luxury reserved for master bedroom closets. A custom designed closet in a child’s bedroom can provide multiple benefits for you and your child. The interior design of the closet can include hanging racks that are accessible to small children as well as racks that are a convenient height for adults. This allows the closet to remain accommodating as your child grows. If you’re like many families, mornings are hectic. You can make them easier for you and give your child the independence they crave by including a specifically designed dressing area in their closet. This area could include cubbies or hangers where five to seven wardrobe ensembles can be stacked or hung. Each morning your child can simply choose the ensemble they want to wear and get dressed without either of you spending time discussing what your child will wear that day. A mirror would be a nice addition to a custom closet.

Personalizing a Child’s Bedroom

Custom furniture is a great way to personalize a child’s bedroom. An organized, tidy bedroom is impressive and functional, regardless of what type of overall décor you select. Custom furniture provides you with unique storage space and creative organizational space. Once you have the basic pieces of furniture in the room, you can further personalize the room with themed bedding, rugs, wall art and decorative accessories. The accessories can be changed to coincide with your child’s current interest, which will no doubt change as trends come and go, as they mature and according to their need for study space. Be sure to include several types of lighting in your child’s bedroom. Task lighting is needed in a study area. A bedside lamp is often beneficial. You can make creative, decorative lighting selections to further increase the personalization of your child’s bedroom. Pendent lights and chandeliers can add an interesting touch to a child’s bedroom.

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