Custom bathroom cabinets

Custom bathroom cabinets, storage & vanities

Unique bathroom cabinetry that is conducive to the homeowner’s specific personal needs is a top home décor trend for 2017. Custom cabinets give you an opportunity to design storage spaces that are an ideal size for the bathroom essentials you need to store. Uncluttered countertops will always be preferable to cluttered counter tops. Custom cabinets are a timeless feature that can enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom while providing highly functional, personalized storage space.

Bathroom vanities

One bathroom trend that is rapidly gaining popularity is the floating vanity. The open space beneath a floating vanity makes a bathroom look and feel more spacious. Simplicity is a key element in floating vanity designs. Floating vanities can be custom designed to include some cabinets as part of the design or they can simply float on an attractive wood support. They can be created to accommodate one or two sinks. You can further personalize your vanity area with your personal choice of counter top material, sink style and faucet design.

Bathroom Cabinets

Custom bathroom cabinets are a functional luxury that will enhance the beauty and efficiency of your bathroom. Smart storage never goes out of style. Organization, in any room of your home, increases functionality and serves as a time-saver. Typically, a bathroom needs to be designed so that it can expedite the morning routine and provide the serene atmosphere needed to relax in the evening. Pull-out cabinets, tilt-up cabinets and roll-outs are trendy custom cabinet styles. Working with professional designers, you can create cabinets that meet your specific storage needs. Cabinets can be designed that will keep everything from your clothes hamper to your personal care products out of sight, yet easily accessible.

Eco-friendly products

Eco-friendly products are popular now and are expected to gain in popularity as time goes by. The bathroom designs of 2017 feature natural materials that lend simplicity to the overall bathroom décor. Custom cabinets constructed of eco-friendly material can be used in conjunction with other natural products such a stone counter top to create a bathroom décor that is simplistic, yet sophisticated.

Bathroom Storage

In addition to having cabinets designed to accommodate your storage needs, you may also want to include some open shelving in your bathroom design. Custom shelves can be designed to fill those odd spaces that would otherwise be wasted space. In a small bathroom, it’s imperative that you use all available space so that you have easy access to the items you need. Various sizes of open shelves can be incorporated into your bathroom design. The addition of storage baskets may be necessary in order to keep the shelves looking attractive and uncluttered. Bringing the outdoors in is a concept that is prevalent in 2017 decorating themes. Having some custom shelving included in your bathroom for the sole purpose of displaying lush green plants will make your bathroom more beautiful. Floating shelves, corner shelves, shelving above the tub or near the shower are just a few placement options that are ideal for plants.


There’s a lot of elements of design in a bathroom. Some bathrooms are spacious enough to include a separate tub and shower, double sinks, a dressing area and even a sitting area in the design. When you’re incorporating a variety of features in a bathroom, it’s important to select items that are similar in color and material. Having custom design features in a spacious bathroom helps you achieve the uniformity that keeps the room looking stylish and aesthetically appealing. Custom cabinetry can solve storage dilemmas and enhance the beauty of a small bathroom where creating storage and organizational space can be challenging.

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