Custom Bookcases

Custom Bookcases

Custom bookcases can dramatically improve the aesthetics of a room while providing a practical solution to a need for storage space. An absence of clutter is a necessity for any size room to look attractive and feel comfortable. Custom bookcases can be designed to fit ideally into small areas to utilize all available space in a room. Solid wood bookcases can also cover an entire wall of a large room creating an impressive focal point in the room. Working with our designers, you can design a bookcase with a finish that complements your décor. It can be designed with a traditional shelf configuration or with shelf placement that creates a unique, visually interesting pattern. Custom bookcases can elevate the elegance and sophistication of a living room, but their placement is not limited to the living room. Custom designed bookcases can be a decorative and functional addition to many other rooms. A custom bookcase with drawers at the bottom and shelves above the drawers would be great in a child’s bedroom. Games, toys and blankets could be stored in the doors where they’re in easy reach for children. A custom bookcase could be included in a dining area. Napkins, candleholders, placemats or other dining room accessories could be stored in the bookcase drawers. Depending on your devotion to books and reading habits, you might want to include a custom bookcase in your master bedroom or bath or incorporate a small custom bookcase into your impressive master bedroom closet design.

Solid Wood Bookcases

Furniture and decorative accents made of wood possess a timelessness that’s unsurpassed by any other material. With choices of wood types ranging from deep, rich mahogany to the gorgeous grain of oak, you can include one or more custom bookcases in your home. When you have a custom bookcase made to specifically accommodate your book collection, your collectibles or to correspond with your storage needs, you intend for it to be a permanent part of your room design. Solid wood bookcases are durable, easy to care for and can transition through numerous decorative trends. Wood bookcases can include styling and ornate detailing that makes the bookcase complementary to the furnishings and other decorative details in the room. If you have a home office for professional use or a traditional office where clients come to you, a wood bookcase can be a vital part of your functional décor. It can also add sophistication to the atmosphere in your office.

Custom Bookcases with Doors

Almost everyone can utilize additional storage space in their home or office. Custom bookcases with doors can help you keep small paraphernalia close at hand yet out of sight. Enclosed storage space helps assure that a room can retain the organized, unclutter appearance that makes it feel comfortable and look impressive. Custom bookcases with doors that have a glass front provide a safe and attractive space to display decorative treasures. Illuminating the area behind glass doors will showcase what’s inside. When you design a custom bookcase to include doors and drawers, the hardware you select can become an additional decorative feature in the room. The placement and size of the enclosed area of a bookcase will increase the visual interest of the overall design.

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