Custom Closet Doors

Custom Closet Doors

Every detail matters when you’re designing and decorating the rooms in your home. Closet doors are a good example of a design feature that can easily become a major part of a room décor. By consulting with professionals in the field of custom furniture and design, you can include custom closet doors in various areas of your home. Custom doors can add architectural beauty to a room. The front panel of the door can be a simple, basic design that complements a modern or contemporary décor or it can include detailing that exemplifies a traditional décor. If a bedroom is designed with unique architectural features, having a custom door made for the closet with matching detailing will unify the decorative and functional features in the room. If you’ve chosen to include custom furniture to make your bedroom a uniquely personal space, you can have the finish on your closet doors match the finish of your custom furniture. A custom closet door can be an eye-catching design element in a bedroom.

Custom Bi-fold Doors

Custom bifold closet doors assure that you don’t have to forfeit beauty in situations where space is limited. Bi-fold doors are a popular door design for bedroom closets. The front design of custom bifold closet doors can vary so that they become a cohesive element in the room. Sometimes, there’s a limit to the number of decorative items you can include in a small bedroom. One way to overcome that limitation is to have custom bi-fold doors made so that they serve as a decorative element in the room. The door hardware you select can also become an artistic feature in the room. A large knob placed in the middle of a simplistic bi-fold door can be an eye-catching decorative element in a room. Whimsical hardware or knobs are great for a child’s room or nursery. The way that bi-fold doors open make them a good choice for small areas. Bi-fold closet doors are a good choice in a custom laundry room. They can also be used as a space-saving, convenient style door for a pantry.

Custom Sliding Closet Doors

Custom sliding closet doors are visually impressive. They are also a fantastic space-saving feature in any room. When you have a sliding door on the closet, you can leave the door open while selecting clothing and shoes without taking up valuable floor space in the room. It’s like having a walk-in closet in a small room where you thought a luxury such as that was an impossibility. Working with a professional expands your door design options. You can have a sliding door made that blends in with the room so well that it’s almost unnoticeable. This type of door works well in a modern or contemporary bedroom where simplicity is the ultimate goal. On the other hand, if you’ve chosen a modern or minimalistic décor plan for the bedroom, a custom sliding closet door can be designed in a visually impressive manner that makes it the focal point of the room. It can become a unique architectural element in the room. The hardware is a visible element in a barn style sliding closet door. You can select hardware that complements the style of hardware on your bedroom furniture to give unity to the décor. To retain the decorative simplicity in a bedroom, you might want to include sliding doors without a decorative mounting.

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