Custom Closet Shelving

Custom Closet Shelving

Custom closets can be one of the most beneficial parts of a bedroom design. Designing a closet that meets the specific needs of whoever will be using it is one of the best ways to keep a room looking neat and uncluttered. Walk-in and reach-in closets can be designed to give you the maximum use of the space you have available.

Master Bedroom Closet

A considerable amount of thought should go into designing a master bedroom closet. This area can ultimately become one of the most beneficial, functional and appreciated aspects of the bedroom design. In addition to having multiple areas for hanging clothing and specialty areas such as a jewelry and accessory cabinet, you can include custom closet shelving in the overall design. Shelving can serve a multitude of purposes. The advantage to custom shelving is that you can have shelves made that will ideally match your storage needs. They can be finished with a stain that complements the room décor or furniture finish. Shelves are typically an ideal place to store sweaters, folded casual shirts and shoes. However, there are other creative ways to utilize shelves in your personally designed closet. You could include a bookshelf in the closet or add a couple of shelves to use as a display space. Opening your closet door and seeing a photo or figurine that makes you smile is a great way to start the day.

A Custom Closet for the Kid’s Room

You should not overlook the value of a custom closet in a child’s bedroom. Including custom shelves in the design helps you maximize the square footage you have in the closet. Adding shelves that your child can reach will help them become more independent. Some shelves can be included that you can use to place daily ensembles that your child can simply pick up and put on. A shoe shelf eliminates the frantic search for shoes that might otherwise end up in a pile on the closet floor. If space allows, you can have custom shelves in a child’s closet where they can store toys or games. Adding shelves at the top of the closet creates a space to store blankets, seldom used items and out-of-season clothing.

The Guest Room Closet

Most often the closet in your guest room is a reach-in rather than a walk-in. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have a custom designed closet that will delight and impress your guest. The custom shelves you include in a guest room closet should be sized so that they can accommodate folded clothing. A shelf that can accommodate a handbag or a couple of storage baskets would be a thoughtful addition. Guests typically don’t need a lot of hanging rods in the closet. One or two drawers incorporated into the design would be nice. Your guest would surely appreciate some type of lighting in the closet. Having a shelf directly in front of the closet door would provide you with a perfect place to put a guest basket filled with items that will make your guest feel comfortable and welcome. A shelf for storing a lightweight blanket or an extra pillow would also be a practical addition to a guest room closet.

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