Custom Kitchen Islands

Custom Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands can expand the workspace in any kitchen. Custom kitchen islands can make that expanded work area specifically designed to accommodate your cooking routine, your family gathering habits and your style of entertaining. With the opportunity to select the kitchen island design and the countertop material, custom made kitchen islands will elevate the functionality and aesthetics of a kitchen. A kitchen island can be a multifunctional focal point in a kitchen design. Its multi-purpose role is a factor to consider when selecting countertop material. Butcher block could be used in the food preparation area. Marble or granite would be an attractive material for the remaining area of the island. This material is a good choice for cooks who enjoy baking and need a surface for rolling pastry dough. When creating a custom island, you have options such as flat, single level islands, two-tier islands, square-shaped, rectangular and circular designs that will help you create the ideal island for your kitchen. Semi-circle island designs are a child-friendly option because of their rounded corners. Rounded corners also create a visual smoothness that can enhance many kitchen decors. A custom kitchen island can be designed with storage solutions that meet your individualized needs. You can choose cabinet and drawer hardware that complements the décor style of your kitchen. The base of a custom kitchen island can be designed with architectural features that accentuate other design elements in the kitchen. With a custom island, you can make the choice of color or stain for the island and select features such as a faucet style and finish that ideally complements your kitchen decor and satisfies your individualized need.

Kitchen Island Cabinets

Kitchen islands provide additional storage space and possibly some display space in a kitchen. Custom kitchen islands can be designed with cabinets that ideally accommodate your cooking and entertaining style and that satisfy your specific storage needs. Open front cabinets provide an area for cookbooks to be displayed in an attractive and easily accessible manner and as a display area for collectibles and decorative items. Open front cabinets are a convenient location for frequently used items. Custom made kitchen islands can provide storage space for infrequently-used over-sized pots and pans. That frees up space in your other cabinets for items that are used more often. Roll out shelves and shelves with an appliance lift are special features that eliminate the struggle that typically ensues when you try to retrieve these items from a regular cabinet. Pull-out or bin-style cabinets are a popular cabinet style included in a custom island design. There are numerous specialty features that can be incorporated into kitchen island cabinets. You’ll want to choose the elements of design that specifically target your needs.

Custom Kitchen Islands with Seating

Not only do large custom kitchen islands increase the workspace and provide extra storage space in a kitchen, they can also be designed to serve as an additional eating area in the kitchen. A two-tier island is an ideal, dual-purpose design when you want to expand your workspace and create a casual eating area. One of the first things you may notice about your kitchen island is that it seems to have a magnetic quality about it. People tend to gather and linger around it. Quality conversation time with the kids can occur when you’re preparing meals and they’re sitting at the island chatting with you. Your dinner guest or party guest may be drawn to the island where they can sit and talk in a relaxed atmosphere. A large island can become a gathering spot for party guest, especially if the island is designed to serve as a bar area as well as a kitchen workstation. Friends and family may linger at the island for long periods of time. It’s essential that you provide them with comfortable chairs or stools to sit on. The design of the chairs should complement the overall decor of the kitchen. If the island can be seen from other areas of the home, you’ll want the chairs to also blend well with the decor in those areas. Designing the island so that the chairs or stools can be pushed completely under the island is a space-saving and aesthetically pleasing feature.

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