Custom Living Room Cabinets

Custom Living Room Cabinets

The key to designing a living room that ideally complements your lifestyle and gives the room an impressive pristine appearance is to incorporate custom living room cabinets into the design. By including custom cabinets in your living room design, you gain organizational and display space that caters to your specific needs. Being able to select the finish and the hardware for the shelves ensures that they will be cohesive with the other design elements in the room. Working with professional designers, you can create cabinets that become an architectural feature in the room. While wall cabinets are extremely popular in living rooms, they are not your only option. Custom living room cabinets can be designed to function as a unique and unexpected way to create a division of space in a large room.

Wall Cabinets for Living Room

Wall cabinets for living room organizational space is an ideal way to keep clutter from being a distraction in your living area. A multitude of electronic accessories, toys and any other items frequently used in the living room can be stored out of sight in the cabinets and drawers of your custom designed wall cabinets. Custom cabinets can be constructed so that the interior space of the cabinets and drawers meets your specific needs. By choosing custom wall cabinets for living room storage you can select the type of wood and hardware that will make your shelving an eye-catching feature of the room. If your living room lacks a focal point, you can create one by adding a fireplace and installing customs cabinets as a framework for the fireplace. If a fireplace doesn’t fit well into your lifestyle, you can create a focal point in the room that includes wall cabinets and a television. Custom wall cabinets can be designed so that their height, depth and width accommodates the items you plan to display on the open shelves. Adding rope lighting, puck lights, recessed lights or strip lights to the cabinets will help showcase the items on display. Cabinet lighting can also enhance the ambiance of the room.

Corner Cabinets for Living Room

There is no reason to have an unused corner in your living room. Corner cabinets for living room areas can transform what could be mundane, wasted space into an attractive, functional area of the room. Corner cabinets can be designed with defined edges that complement a modern or contemporary décor. This style of cabinet adds an element of sophistication to the room. Corner cabinets with curved edges are more visually soothing and may include design elements similar to the furniture style or architectural features in the room. Glass front cabinet doors, open shelves and the addition of cabinet lighting can enliven a dull corner and visually expand the room. Custom corner cabinets can be designed to fit perfectly into any corner. You may want to include cabinets on two walls and have them meet at a unifying corner or you may prefer a single cabinet designed so that it tucks neatly into the corner.

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