Custom Modern Kitchens

Custom Modern Kitchens

Modern kitchens are being designed to be more than just a place to cook and eat. Today’s kitchens are being designed as a multifunctional room in the home. It is becoming very popular to include a television, a computer work station and a family gathering area in the kitchen. Custom modern kitchen cabinets are a highlight of the kitchen. They are a key element in the function and the aesthetics of the kitchen.

Custom Cabinet Designs

The interior design of the cabinets should be accommodating to your specific storage needs and cooking style. If your collection of cookware includes over-sized pots, pan and bakeware you’ll need cabinets that can accommodate them. If you have an extensive collection of spices, you might want to include a spice drawer in your cabinet design. This will enable you to store the spices in a convenient way so that you can easily find the spice you need. The size of the cabinets and the placement of the interior shelving are two features that should be specific to your needs. Many people appreciate the versatility that adjustable shelves provide. It’s essential that you consider the overall layout of the kitchen when planning your cabinet placement so that the completed design is convenient for you when you’re cooking. Elegant and simplistic continue to be the preferred exterior style for modern cabinets. The hardware for custom modern kitchen cabinets typically features defined lines and simplistic shapes.

Creating Specialty Areas with Cabinetry

An increasingly popular trend in custom modern kitchens is the inclusion of specialty areas. The appliance garage that hides small appliances is an ideal way to achieve the non-cluttered counter tops that you expect in a modern kitchen. One of the latest trends for a modern kitchen design is the creation of a coffee or beverage station in the kitchen. The cabinets in this area can be designed so that they can efficiently store the items you need in the station as well as the appliances you’ll be using there. Open shelving above the cabinets can provide a place for mugs, cups canisters or a few decorative items that correlate with the station’s purpose. Custom cabinets can be added to the kitchen design to create a workstation in the kitchen. A desk with overhead cabinets or a desk tucked in between cabinets provides an attractive semi-secluded work area for kids and adults. For cohesiveness, the cabinets in the study area should match or complement the cabinets in the cooking area.

Selecting the Finish for Your Custom Cabinets

Some trends tend to remain popular for an extensive amount of time. White cabinets in custom modern kitchens is one of those trends. However, the use of gray paint and stains is gaining momentum. Wood cabinets with a natural stain or a colored stain that enhances the grain of the wood can be quite impressive in a custom modern kitchens. Where it was once trendy to use only one color in a modern kitchen, mixing colors is becoming more popular. Typically, no more than two colors are used so that the simplicity of modern design in not compromised.

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