Custom Shelving

Custom Shelving

Custom shelving should be a key component in your interior design plan. Shelving can play a vital role in the functionality of a space and in the aesthetics of any room. Our design experts can assist you in finding creative, decorative and amazingly practical ways to incorporate custom shelves into your home.

Floating Shelves

There are many ways to include floating shelves in any room. In the kitchen, they can function as additional storage space or as a display area for collectibles, cookbooks or dishes. They could be a unique and ultra-convenient way to display spices. Growing herbs in the kitchen assures that you have fresh herbs readily available. They also add fragrance and beauty to the kitchen. Floating shelves can be a functional and decorative part of a custom laundry room design.

Lighted Floating Shelves

Adding lighting to your floating shelves takes them from a functional element to an aesthetic design feature in the room. Lighted floating shelves can add ambiance to a bedroom. They become an eye-catching feature in a living room, kitchen or dining room. Floating shelves with lighting can have a calming effect in a child’s room or nursery.

Custom Shelving Special Features

When you work with professionals to create custom wall shelves, they can assist you in selecting a finish option that will complement your décor. They can also help you choose the most impressive and complementary hardware for your shelves. Custom shelving can be designed so that the shelves are a length and depth that accommodates the items you want to display on the shelves. One advantage to including custom shelves in a room is that shelves enable you to maximize the use of wall space in a room. If you have quirky nooks or an exceptionally narrow wall space, a custom shelf can be added to that area to transform it into a functionally attractive space.

Custom Corner Shelves

It’s easy to overlook the potential of a corner. Rather than have boring, unused corner space in a room, you can include custom corner shelves in the design. Those shelves can be used to display a variety of items ranging from books and pictures to plants and vases. Corner shelves can be used to create a quiet reading area in a kid’s room. They can provide storage space in a kitchen, laundry room or bathroom. Just a simple lighted corner shelf can soften the atmosphere in the bathroom or bedroom.

Custom Wall Shelves

Custom wall shelves can be made in any configuration you desire. Whether it’s a simple, across-the wall design or a design that features staggered shelves in various lengths, wall shelves can become the focal point of a room. They can be used as bookshelves or display shelves.

Custom Shelves in Closets

Custom shelves are a key feature in a custom closet design. The shelves can be made to specifically accommodate your wardrobe and accessories storage needs. You can greatly increase the functionality of your closet space by including custom shelves in the design plan. Shelves are an ideal place to put storage boxes and baskets so that they are within easy reach. You can even reserve a few shelves in the closet for decorative displays that make you smile each time you walk into the closet.

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