Custom Wood Bookcases

Custom Wood Bookcases

In almost every home there are some spaces that could remain empty, unused and boring without the implementation of creative, decorative ideas. A custom wood bookcase is one of the most impressive and versatile ways to turn those blank spaces into attractive, functional aspects of the room’s overall design. Custom bookcases bring beauty and sophistication to any room. They can be designed so that the height, depth and width of the shelves is ideal for the books and any other items you plan to display there.

There are many benefits to having custom bookcases incorporated into a home. A large custom wood bookcase that covers an entire wall immediately become an impressive focal point in a room. Its design style and finish should accentuate the décor style that you’ve chosen for your home. Small custom bookcases can be added to various areas of your home to enhance a room’s décor and as a convenience for you. You can express your personal bookcase design and placement ideas to talented professionals and working together you can come up with a plan that adds beauty, uniqueness and functionality to your home. Bookcases are not a design feature that is limited to a family room, living room or home office. You can include them in unexpected places such as a mancave or recreation room. A mahogany custom bookcase where sports themed books, classics or historical books are displayed would make the room look impressive. You could even have a custom bookcase included in your foyer or hallway.

Mahogany Bookcases

Mahogany furniture can aptly be described as a classic. That means it is just as respected today as it was in time passed and as it will be in the future. Mahogany is revered for its beauty, durability and for the instant sophistication it adds to a room. Its beautiful grain and rich, deep, reddish-brown color makes it easily recognizable. Mahogany is considered timeless. That distinction assures that it can be successfully incorporated into today’s modern and contemporary decors. Custom furniture, such as a bookcase, can be designed so that it has the simplicity, sophistication or uniqueness necessary to complement your décor. Including mahogany accent pieces in a room adds visual warmth to the atmosphere. Mahogany can soften the sharpness of a modern décor and bring elegance to a contemporary décor. Mahogany adds classic beauty to a traditional or transitional décor.

Oak Bookcases

Oak is a dense hardwood that is held in high esteem because of its beautiful grain and its visually appealing color. Another well-loved feature of oak is its durability and easy maintenance. Often described as hard-wearing, oak is a good material choice for furniture that will be placed in an area of the home where it will receive frequent use. Oak is a good choice for a custom bookcase that is part of a family room or child’s bedroom design. One of the unique qualities of oak is its ability to complement decors ranging from rustic to modern. By custom designing a bookcase, you can take further steps to make an oak bookcase complementary to your specific décor. Oak furniture adds style and elegance to a room. It is often described as a warm, timeless material that brings a comforting element to the atmosphere of a room. A custom oak bookcase would be an attractive addition to a home office, to an office waiting area or to a professional work space. Due to its durability, the bookcase could withstand the frequent use it would receive in these areas. A child’s bedroom is an ideal location for a custom bookcase. An oak bookcase has the durability to remain a part of a child’s room décor from the time they become interested in picture books until they become teenagers and the bookcase becomes a display space for their favorite books, photos and sentimental treasures. If you like changing your décor according to trends, versatile, compatible, timeless oak is a good choice of material for a custom bookcase.

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