Custom Wood Closets

Custom Wood Closets

Wood is a timeless material that can bring visual warmth and beauty to any area of your home. Custom wood closets are an excellent way to bring luxury to an intimate area of your home. A custom designed bedroom closet can be far more than just a storage space. A walk-in closet can be designed to keep your clothing and accessories neatly organized. However, going a step further and creating a dream closet that provides organizational storage, a dressing area and multiple other personalized features is an indulgence that can provide immense pleasure. Making wood your material choice for your custom closet will give you the opportunity to select a stain that complements your bedroom décor or decorating style. A custom wood closet can include elegant features that other closet materials can’t provide such as crown molding and base molding. Wood is an excellent material choice for creating a warm, elegant and soothing ambiance in an area of your home that is reserved for your convenience and pleasure.

Luxury Custom Closets

Luxury custom closets are designed to provide maximum functionality and a multitude of personalized features that cater specifically to your desires. A custom closet can include drawers of various dimensions, rods that hang at different heights and are different lengths and shelves in varying depths, lengths and heights. Once you have the basic design that meets your needs, you can focus on adding the accessories and specialty features that will make your closet amazingly luxurious. Because it’s almost impossible to have too much storage space in your home, a storage island could be added to your closet. The island could include drawers for storing small accessories, a small shoe rack, open shelves or whatever features you find appealing and beneficial. The top surface of the island could be used as a display space for photos, collectibles, a vase of flowers or anything that will make your dressing room closet a pleasant place to spend time in. A jewelry armoire would be a nice addition to a luxury closet. Seating is an essential element in the design. You may want to include a vanity with seating in your design plan. A bench near your shoe rack would be a nice convenience. An accent chair or chaise with luxurious upholstery would be a perfect addition to your luxury closet. Your custom closet can include cabinet door fronts that are solid or glass, depending on your preference. Items such as handbags and jewelry can become an attractive, artistic display behind a glass door. Various forms of lighting placed throughout the closet area will add to the functionality and elegance of the closet. A mirror and lighting is necessary in the vanity area. You’ll also want your clothing area to have sufficient illumination. If you’ve chosen to include a storage island or a jewelry station in your design, a chandelier above that area would be quite impressive. Adding mirrors and choosing glass door fronts for some of the cabinets can add to the brilliance and beauty of the closet. A luxury closet also needs hardware that adds to the elegance of the design.

Small Custom Closets

Small closets can be challenging. Small custom closets are the best way to maximize the use of the space you have available. There are various ways to increase the functionality of a reach-in closet. Designing the interior of the closet so that it has hanging areas in varying heights and lengths is a good starting point. Mixing in pull-outs such as an accessory drawer or pull-out shoe rack can aid in keeping things organized and in making items easily accessible. Shelves are beneficial in maintaining an organized closet. If you have a small walk-in closet, you have some additional options for making the space work efficiently for you. You can custom design the interior space of a small walk-in closet so that every inch of the closet is used. Floor to ceiling shelves or a combination of shelves and hanging rods is a good way to use two sides of the closet. Adding a mirror to one wall can make your small walk-in more of a dressing area. A bench seat or drop-down seat under the mirror can be a beneficial design element. You should include at least one form of lighting in your small custom closet.

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