Custom Wood Doors Chicago

Custom Wood Doors

Custom wood doors can be designed for the exterior and interior of your home. If you are involved in a home renovation or upgrade project, custom doors are an excellent choice to make. Aesthetically, they can be designed to complement whatever décor style you’ve chosen.

If your renovation plan includes replacing one or more doors, custom doors are a practical option. They can be made to fit perfectly into an existing doorway or into a non-standard size opening. They can be painted in any color so that they will complement your other design elements. You also have a variety of finish option to select from so that your door blends well with its surroundings. Another advantage to choosing specifically designed doors for your newly renovated space or new construction home, is that you will be able to select door hardware that you find attractive and that reflects your personality and design style.

Interior Doors

Custom Sliding Door

Custom Sliding Door

Interior doors can be an artistic feature in your home. Custom interior doors can be designed to complement the color scheme in your home, the decorating style you’ve chosen and to provide the amount of privacy you desire. You can create a grand entrance to your master bedroom or dining room with custom double doors. Sliding doors that offer semi-privacy or total privacy are an attractive and space-saving interior door option. Closets doors and the pantry door can be custom designed in a way that makes them an impressive part of the room décor. Custom wood doors in single or bi-fold styles can become a decorative feature in a room. Subtle details such as the pattern on a raised panel door and the hardware you select can impact the overall attractiveness of a door. Unique doorways add character to a room. However, they can be a challenging design element to work with. Custom doors are an excellent way to resolve any issues that arise from unique architectural doorways inside your home.

Wood Exterior Doors

The front door is one of the most noticeable and influential elements of a home’s exterior design. A standard, mundane door does not contribute to the curb appeal of your home. On the other hand, an exquisitely designed front door will command attention. The custom doors Chicago designers in our office can create are visually astounding. With your input, all of your exterior doors can exude originality and make an impressive design statement. In many situations, an exterior door, such as the front door and a door leading from the kitchen or living area to the outside will have an impact on the attractiveness of the interior space. Custom wood doors can be made with that in mind so that they can enhance both the interior and exterior of your home.

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