Custom Laundry Room

Design an Attractive, Efficient Custom Laundry Room

For most people, laundry is an unavoidable household task. The appearance and efficiency of your laundry room can have a major influence on the attitude you have toward doing laundry. It’s not all about the size of the laundry room. It’s about how organized and effectively designed the room is that influences your attitude toward this basic task. With a custom designed laundry room, you may find yourself looking forward to laundry day.

Appearance Matters

You may think that custom features are for rooms such as the dining room, living room, kitchen and bath where you spend a considerable amount of time and where visitors get a glimpse of your design style. While custom features add to the aesthetics of those rooms, the laundry room may be an area of your home where you gain the most personal benefit from custom features. Doing laundry doesn’t seem like a pleasant task at all if it involves spending time in a dark, cluttered, inefficiently designed room. However, laundry day can take on a whole new meaning when the room has multiple lighting sources and where natural light is invited into the room. Having sufficient storage and organizational space makes the room more attractive and more functional. When you custom design your laundry room, you can include specific details that enable you to make the room uplifting, accommodating and amazingly efficient.

Custom Cabinets

Working with professional designers, you can have custom cabinets made that will meet your personal needs. Cabinets can be made to fit over or beside of your washer and dryer or to fit into a quirky corner to utilize all of the available wall space in the room. Your custom laundry room can include open-front cabinets that give you easy access to the items stored there. Baskets can be used to keep small items neatly organized on open shelves. Enclosed cabinets keep laundry supplies out of sight but within easy reach. Custom cabinets can be designed with a fold-out ironing board or with a pull-out laundry bin. Fold out features are ideal in a laundry room where space is limited. Under-cabinet lighting can be a beneficial feature in a laundry room.

You should give just as much consideration to the color or finish of your laundry room cabinets as you do the cabinets in your kitchen and bath. Keeping the color scheme of the room light and airy will give the room an uplifting atmosphere. Simplistic hardware is usually a good choice for laundry room cabinets and drawers. In addition to providing storage space, open front cabinets or custom shelving can provide you with a display space for plants or a few decorative items that will make the room a more personalized space.

The Benefits of a Custom Designed Laundry Room

A custom-designed laundry room maximizes the useable space in the room. It can include special features such as a folding table or multiple size spaces for hanging clothes after ironing them. You might want to add a comfortable chair to the room so that you could read or relax while waiting for the clothes to wash and dry. Instead of doing other household chores while the clothes are washing, you could use this time to work on a hobby if you include a work table in the design. A custom cabinet could be built as a semi-enclosure for your pet’s bed or crate. A well-organized laundry room will save you a considerable amount of time on laundry day. You’ll have the supplies you need conveniently located. Having a folding station is a major time-saver. If the time comes that you put your home on the market, your custom laundry room can add value to your home and make it more appealing to potential buyers.

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