Luxury Custom Kitchens

Luxury Custom Kitchens

A luxury custom kitchen is created to satisfy the needs of a homeowner and to fulfill their dreams. High-end material is essential in a luxury kitchen. Top-of-the line appliances that feature all the latest technological features and added indulgences are a necessary feature in a luxury kitchen. A luxury kitchen is often a multi-purpose room that functions as a cooking area and family gathering place. It is also designed to accommodate a homeowner’s lifestyle and entertainment style.

There’s a myriad of features that can be included in a luxury kitchen. Two-tier kitchen islands are a popular luxury kitchen trend. That style of island is an ideal gathering place for family breakfast, brunch with friends or casual meals. A custom kitchen island can include special features such as a built-in microwave, wine storage or a mini-fridge. To make your luxury kitchen more distinctive, you might want to have a diamond-shaped island or an island design with rounded corners instead of the basic rectangular-shaped island. Granite, marble and concrete are counter top material choices that are often used in luxury kitchen island designs. A luxury kitchen should contain details that make you feel pampered. A built-in coffee bar is one example of a personalized indulgence. A tea station or smoothie creation station is an indulgence you might enjoy. Custom cabinets and drawers can be designed to store the items you need for specialty stations. When designing your custom cabinets, you might want to include special perks such as a cutting board chute or a warming drawer. You want your luxury kitchen to look exquisite and pristine. Hidden outlets prevent ordinary necessities from distracting from the beauty of your kitchen. A niche that conceals paper towels is a small luxury that makes a large impact on the attractiveness of your kitchen counter. Your kitchen design should include exquisite lighting strategically placed throughout the kitchen. Having a variety of lighting options will enable you to create specific types of atmosphere in your kitchen. Your luxury kitchen should include design elements that will make you guest feel pampered. Ultra-comfortable seating around your beautiful island is a luxury guests will appreciate. A wine bar is another feature that’s sure to make an impression on your guest. The view your guest have when sitting at the island is also something to consider. Take advantage of an attractive outdoor view if possible. A stunning backsplash or a magnificent piece of art placed across from the island can accentuate the luxuriousness of the kitchen.

Custom Kitchen Shelves

A luxury kitchen requires sufficient storage space so that the visible areas in the kitchen remain uncluttered. Pull-out shelves and shelves that lift-up are ideal conveniences in a luxury kitchen. Open shelves can be placed over your cabinets, at the end of your cabinets or as a built-in aspect of the design. Adding custom kitchen shelves designed to store plates or glasses bring a touch of elegance to the kitchen. Book shelves can be included in your island design or placed anywhere you choose in your custom cabinet arrangement. A collection of cookbooks beautifully displayed can be an artistic element in your kitchen. The addition of lighting above the shelves in your kitchen will draw attention to that design element. It is also a great way to illuminate a collection of items you have on display. Floating shelves complement the simplistic, minimalistic style that epitomizes luxury kitchens.

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