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Old-School Craftmanship is what Green Living Millwork is all about.

With decades of experience we still like to do things the old fashioned way, and that’s to make quality product. As most manufacturers in every field cut corners in order to turn a larger profit, we still keep making our product the only way we know how, the right way. After all is said and done, we can be proud of our quality. There is nothing more rewarding than knowing how much our customers admire the quality of the craftsmanship that went into their product.

Attention to Detail

Anyone can go to big box store and in a matter of an hour have off the shelf cabinets become a part of your design layout. Most off the shelf items are meant to be a standard size and shape but not everything is a one size fits all. We focus on the individual needs and customize the cabinetry to fit not only your home but also your lifestyle. Love to cook and entertain? Allow us to design your kitchen utilizing most of your available space yet making it extremely ergonomic and user friendly to make your experience that much better. Instead of getting off the shelf cabinet with a single divider shelf that makes starring your kitchenware a nightmare to store, we can provide some unique ideas to make it truly yours. You get the idea, we do pay attention to those small details.

Plant Based, Eco Friendly Materials

Now days everyone is becoming more aware of the hazardous materials and chemicals that we have in our daily lives that pose very significant health risks. For good reasons too, back in the 60’s our society thought that using Asbestos for floor tiles and countertops. The paint on the walls was lead based and every thermometer had mercury in it. Today we realize at how dangerous it was and go to great length in order to mitigate the risk with measures such as abatement or in some severe cases even abandonment. Unfortunately even though the hazards we knew to be dangerous are no longer in use but certain companies are using new materials that are posing new risks. To name a few are VOCs or also known as Volatile Organic Compounds, Formaldehyde, and Phthalates. All are commonly used in the manufacturing and finishing process that goes into making furniture. We however do not want any hazardous chemicals in our household and especially our customers’. The wood products we source are free of Formaldehyde, and the finishing products are water based and are also free of VOCs and phthalates. What that means for the end user, our customers, is that you end up with furniture that not only is beautiful and well-made but more importantly safe for your family.

Local Sources and Partners

We have partnered up with some truly amazing companies in order to keep our supply chain local to promote the local job market.

Green Living Design is a local design firm who is Leed Accredited and Certified Green Chicago Supplier.
Project Interiors is another local design firm that focuses not only on furniture but the interior as an experience.

Some of our other local sources are:


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