Custom Bedrooms

Custom bedrooms are the epitome of luxury and intentional indulgence.

Your bedroom is the one room in your home that should be personally obliging. The décor style should be one that you find most appealing. The color scheme and material choices should help create the precise atmosphere you desire. Typically, the bed is the focal point of a bedroom. It should be attractive and offer the comfort your deserve. It’s difficult, or maybe impossible, to totally relax in a cluttered room. Custom bedrooms feature a storage system for clothing and wardrobe accessories can keep your private domain attractive and uncluttered. Our designers in Chicago can help you create the custom designed bedroom of your dreams.

Our craftsmen can make simplicity look luxurious while assuring that you have all the comforts you desire. Storage space can be addressed in a most exquisite manner.

You know better than anyone what specific features you need in your custom bedroom design. With your input combined with our creativity and expert craftsmanship, you can have a bedroom that has individualized closet space, the style of bed you prefer and the additional furnishings such as bedside tables, shelving and other bedroom accessories that make your bedroom a luxurious haven. A custom closet is a justifiable indulgence that offers numerous benefits. It keeps the room neat, makes selecting your workday, weekend or evening wardrobe an easier process and keeps wardrobe accessories easily accessible. Custom bedrooms also feature lighting options and decorative accessories that contribute to the overall function and beauty of the room.

Custom Bedroom Furniture

Custom bedroom furniture can simplify your life and make your bedroom attractive.

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  • We can design custom cabinets in accordance with your budget and with your storage needs. We specialize in cabinets made from plant based, eco-friendly materials.
  • We can design custom bedroom furnishings in styles that include but aren’t limited to modern, traditional, contemporary, industrial or a combination of styles.
  • To accentuate the bedroom atmosphere and reflect your individual preference, we can design custom bedroom storage systems and furniture in any color.
  • The stunning custom designed bedroom furnishings we create for you can be done in a dull (matte), satin, gloss or hi-gloss finish.

It may be one of the best kept secrets, but custom bedrooms are a wonderful stress-relieving feature of a home. Since this is likely to be the most personal area of your home, it should be a space that is designed to be visually appealing and personally accommodating to you. Your custom designed closet should include the shelf and rod configuration that is compatible with your wardrobe. Adding lighting to your closet is just one example of how design choices can make life easier. Having bedside tables or accent furniture that provides storage for reading materials, remotes and other personal items is a simple convenience that you will appreciate daily.


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