Custom Closets

Custom closets are an immensely functional and practical way to pamper yourself.

luxury wardrobe in modern style

Custom closets provide you with the luxury of having closets in your home that are designed with precise specifications and indulgent features that can’t be found in an ordinary closet. A master closet can be customized to provide designated spaces for both people using the closet. Having two custom closets in a master bedroom design is the ultimate luxury.

The closet in a child’s bedroom can be designed to increase their level of independence and to help them adopt the beneficial habit of acquiring organizational skills. Lower hung racks and daily wardrobe sections are two great features to include in a child’s closet.

The closet design you select for a young child’s room will need to transition as your child matures and their storage needs change. Our designers can help you anticipate your future needs and design your child’s closet accordingly.

Custom closets do much more than provide space for your clothing and shoes. Custom closets designs often include a dressing area. A vanity can be incorporated into a closet design. Lighting is also a key component in a custom closet. It’s impossible to know how complementary your clothing selection will look if the closet lighting is insufficient. An accent chair, vanity stool or bench seating is a feature that you’ll appreciate when you’re using your large, luxurious closet as a dressing area. Stepping into a closet, whether it’s small or large, that has your clothing and wardrobe accessories organized in the way that is most convenient for you is sure to be a positive experience. Having properly designed spaces for items such as shoes, hats, sweaters, coats and seasonal items can extend the beauty and longevity of these items.

Custom Closets Chicago

Custom closets Chicago designers create may far exceed your initial vision.

  • white hat and jewelry set on a dresser table in a walk in closet

There are an abundant number of design options that give you the opportunity to create an impressive custom closet that can simplify your life. You can include a configuration of drawers, cabinets, shelves and closet rod sections that are specific to your style of dress. The clothing you wear to work each day and the clothing you have in your closet for social and leisure events is as unique as you are. Typically a standard closet doesn’t offer features that match your specific wardrobe storage needs. The interior of your custom closet is a fantastic place to pamper yourself with small indulgences. A custom closet doesn’t have to be a large closet. You can maximize the efficiency of a small closet when it is custom designed to satisfy your individualized storage and organizational needs.

  • We can collaborate with you to design custom closets that fit your available space and your budget. We specialize in the use of plant based, eco-friendly materials.
  • We can design custom cabinets and closets in a modern, traditional, contemporary, industrial style or any other specific style or combination of styles.
  • Feel free to request that we create custom pieces for you that match whatever color you have chosen for the rooms we are focusing on.
  • To create visually soothing cohesiveness in a décor, finish options must be compatible. We offer dull (matte), satin, gloss and hi-gloss finishes.

Custom Closet Doors

Exterior closet door design is a decorative feature in the room.

Closet doors play a prominent role in the overall appearance of a room. Custom closet doors can elevate the elegance of a decor. It’s imperative that their design style complement the décor style you‘ve chosen for the room. For example, if you’ve chosen a modern or contemporary décor, your closet doors should feature the sleek, simplistic and sophisticated design that complements those styles. The finish option you select for the doors should also match or complement the finish on the chests, bedside tables or other furnishings in the room. The door hardware you select can make personal style statement or be a reflection of your flair for finding unexpected ways of adding character to the décor. Custom closet doors can feature decorative detailing that will make them an attractive architectural element in the room. When custom designing a closet, all details matter, including options such as single door openings, double door designs and the manner and direction that the door opens.

The specific design you choose for your closet doors can influence the atmosphere of the room. Arch style panels are visually soothing while flat panels with straight lines add a touch of sophistication to the room.


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