Custom Laundry Room

A mundane chore becomes a pleasurable task in a custom laundry room.

Utility Room

A custom laundry room can be a multifaceted space. It will, of course, include a space for your washer and dryer. Including a work station that’s designed with a folding table, ironing board and cabinets for storing laundry products can expedite the basic laundry task. Simplifying laundry day procedures will leave you some extra time for pursuing more enjoyable things.

A custom laundry room can include a craft area or a work space where you can multi-task while doing laundry. If your lifestyle leaves little time for solitary moments, the laundry room may include a nook where you can read without being disturbed.

Natural light or strategically placed custom lighting can enliven your laundry room. The organization within the room, along with your personal touches, will make this a pleasant place to be.

Custom Laundry Cabinets

Custom laundry cabinets will add beauty and functionality to your laundry room.

Your laundry room storage needs may be as unique as you are. Custom laundry cabinets can be designed to provide an organized, easily accessible space for your laundry products. Your custom design can also include cabinets for storing household cleaning products and equipment. Custom cabinets can feature a finish that matches the finish on your kitchen and bathroom cabinets so that you have a cohesiveness throughout your home.

Walking into a custom laundry room that is designed specifically to assure that everything is conveniently located for you takes the drudgery out of doing laundry. A well-designed laundry room is configured to supports ease of movement, provide sufficient storage space and ample counter space in a décor style that appeals to you.

  • We can design custom cabinets for you using plant based, eco-friendly materials. We can create a custom laundry room that is compatible with your budget.
  • We can design your laundry room to complement the décor style you prefer, whether it be modern, traditional, contemporary, transitional or any other style.
  • Color choices are an important and personalized aspect of any room. We can custom design your laundry room in any color you choose.
  • To complement your décor style, you can select from four finishes: dull (matte), satin, gloss and hi-gloss for your custom cabinetry.

In our Chicago office, talented craftsmen can assist you in turning your vision of a magnificently functional, exquisitely attractive laundry room into a reality. A work area that includes the basics can be enhanced with personalized features such as a drying rack or pull down ironing board. Details, such as multiple types of lighting, that are typically missing from a basic laundry room can be a prominent feature in your custom laundry room. A message board, desk area, comfortable chair for relaxing and a special area for growing houseplants plants can be included in your room design. You envision it, describe it to us and we’ll get busy creating it.


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