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A custom office offers opportunity for greater productivity.

A custom office design lends itself to a more efficient and productive workday. Sleek, sophisticated furnishings that are created with personal comfort in mind enables your work area to be an appealing environment for employees.

You only have one opportunity to make a good first impression with clients. Make the most of that opportunity by inviting them into an office that is furnished with creatively designed custom office furniture.

A well designed office has an affluent appearance that can help boost your clients level of confidence in your ability to provide the professionalism they expect. Custom designed office furnishings can provide the specific type of work space and storage space that you need to keep your office looking pristine and efficient.

Creative talent and innovative ideas abound within the walls of our Chicago office. Working in conjunction with your personal requests, we can assist you in designing an exquisite custom office that is visually stunning and highly functional. An office that features custom designed furnishings combined with specifically chosen accessories is the ideal way to create a work area that expresses your work ethic and your personality. Regardless of what type of business you’re in, a more successful workday will occur when those working in the office and those visiting the office have the benefit of spending time in a comfortable setting.

Custom Office Furniture

As you contemplate your office design, keep the following features in mind.

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  • We can work within a budget that is comfortable for you to create custom office furnishings made from plant-based, eco-friendly materials.
  • Your office can be designed to reflect your personal style preference. We can create furniture designs that range from sleek, trim-line modern style furnishings to traditional designs that feature elegantly curved desks.
  • Knowing that color can affect mood and productivity, we can create office furniture in colors that range from soothing to vibrant.
  • To complement your decorating style and your color scheme we offer dull (matte), satin, gloss and hi-gloss finishes for your office furniture. We can customize your work spaces from cubicles to conference rooms.

An organized office promotes productivity and efficiency. We can design functional, compact work areas that can comfortably accommodate the number of employees who will be using a designated area and also accommodate the equipment used in that space. Custom office cabinets are essential to creating an uncluttered, organized work area in both shared spaces and individual offices.

A conference room can be visually attractive and physically comfortable when the furniture is properly designed. Meeting rooms should be designed so that they encourage the development of innovative ideas. A well designed, appropriately decorated conference room provides an environment conducive to creativity.


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