In decorating, the small stuff, such as door and drawer hardware matters.

You can enhance the beauty of your home by having custom furniture personalized design features included in your décor. Numerous factors enter into the process of customizing your home. Style and finish options are often at the forefront of your creation process. It’s important to note that it’s often the small details, such as decorative hardware, that will become one of the most outstanding features in a room and something that visitors are likely to notice and remember.

Door handles and drawer pulls in your kitchen and bathroom can be a design style that reflects your personality. The hardware you choose for your kitchen cabinets and drawers and your bathroom vanity and wall cabinets should be a design that complements your overall décor.

Custom furniture designed for a child’s room might be enhanced with whimsical hardware, while simplistic, sophisticated hardware would be ideal in a modern décor. Our Chicago craftsmen can help you choose decorative hardware that will be the most attractive in your home.

Hardware plays a more significant role in setting the tone of the room than you might initially think. Our designers can help you decide if subtle, unobtrusive hardware or bold, eye-catching hardware is the most complementary to your décor and your personality.


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